Canadian Silver Dollar

The 1963 Canadian Silver Dollar is an limited edition uncirculated condition coin struck in fine .800 silver. The coin issued in 1963 shows a youthful image of Queen Elizabeth the second and on the reverse an “Voyageur” design which shows an canoe manned by an Indian and a voyageur.

In 1964 a special one year edition was released with an alternate image to that of the Voyageur design. This unique coin was the last regular issue “young head” coins in the series and as such quantities of this coin are limited.


Origin: Canada

Date Issued: 1963

Metal: Silver (.880 Fine Silver)

Denomination: $1 (can)

Grade: Uncirculated

Purity: .800

Weight: 23.327 Grams

Diameter: 36 MM

Mintage: 4,137,141

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